CEC problems after kodi 20


After upgrading my rpi4 to kodi 20 cec behaves weird. Most of the time my remote doesn’t work at all (navigating menus, changing source, volume etc), if I unplug the hdmi cord it works as normal, but plugged in nothing works…I haven’t changed any settings - any ideas?

Nothing should have changed with CEC on a Raspberry Pi between these releases that would cause such behavior. The first thing to try is to unplug every connected device (the display and every HDMI device connected to it) from the wall for a minute to reset the CEC bus. You might also try another HDMI cable and if that doesn’t make a difference maybe see what it does with default Kodi userdata or a clean install.

Wow, just pulling out the power plug for a minute solved the problem. Many thanks!

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That’s the joy (and pains) of CEC. It can be very sporadic.

This happens a couple of times every week now - could it be kodi/osmc? The strange thing is that it never happened until updating to kodi 20 and now basically every other day…

I would try another cable and possibly clean the contacts if a cable swap doesn’t get you to your happy place. To clean the contacts what I would suggest would be to purchase a quality electronics contact cleaner spray and power down and unplug from the wall the devices your going to clean the jacks of. With everything unplugged just spray some of the cleaner on the plugs and jacks and allow a few minutes for the solvent to completely evaporate before plugging everything back in.