CEC remote repeats input


I got a Philips TV and am controlling kodi with my CEC remote.

Since upgrading to the latest OSMC my remote very often takes several extra steps making it hard to navigate.

I found a post regarding this with this proposed solution:
Try setting “Remote button press repeat rate” to 150 in cec settings.

But that is not working for me. Anyone has another idea that I can test?

Also is it possible to downgrade the cec version since it worked great before?



Downgrading the CEC version isn’t possible unless you downgrade Kodi too.

Ok, thats a pity.

Thanks for the very quick reply.

I hope someone else has figured this out :slight_smile:


Enable debug logging and CEC logging in component specific logging and navigate until you get a repeated input. Then grab the log. Make it clear which button repeated and if it was the last button pressed.