CEC Repeats

Hi, I’m using a Philips TV remote to control my Vero 4k via CEC, I’ve mapped everything exactly how I want it but i’m unable to get repeats to work.

Ive tried various values in the CEC settings, but no repeats seem to work.

Is this just a limitation of some TVs and the way they communicate via CEC?
Is there anything else I can try?


There’s a repeat filter under Settings -> Input -> Peripherals
If you’re referring to long press support however, I don’t believe this is part of the CEC standard.

Ah, so the repeat settings in Peripherals/CEC are just to suppress double presses etc?

Strange that when Im controlling my PS4 via CEC using the same TV/Remote, long presses work fine to scroll through large lists.

No big deal really, I tend to use the number buttons for navigation in big lists, just thought it might be possible.


With the repeat filter changed, you will get multiple presses through; but there’s no concept of a long press (i.e. press and hold) with CEC.

Thanks for the info.

When making changes in peripherals/CEC, are they applied straight away or do I need to reboot Sam?

They should take effect immediately.

Another quick question on CEC mate:
Ive set it up so that my TV goes into standby when the Kodi screensaver activates, but it won’t wake up again when I deactivate the screensaver, im testing by issuing commands from the iOS Kodi remote, or by remotely starting a TV channel from a terminal.

If I restart the mediacenter service or reboot the Vero remotely from terminal, it does then successfully wake the TV, which I presume is also being done via CEC.

Is there anything im missing here?

Edit: Its working now, no idea why it wasn’t before, I had a coffee and went for my morning poo and its behaving how I want.

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