CEC-settings question

Hi all,
For me a problem; probably for many of you easy to answer…

I want to do something ‘simple’:

  • when i turn of my tv, then my raspberry pi should power-off too.
  • when i turn on my tv, then my rpi3 should bootup, the same time.

How to configure this? I did not find an answer around CEC-related
questions answered on this forum, or … I’m blind :).

Many thanks for all the help!


Pi can’t be turned off and on like this

The device is designed to run 24/7 and use a negligible amount of power while doing it. It probably costs about $5/yr to allow it to run all the time. I would also wager that other folks around here, as I do, have pi’s that have been running 24/7 for >2-3yrs without device failure.

It once did, after the feb5 upgrade.
I never understood the reason for this.
Is there another way?

Thanks for anwering so quick!

Thanks for your answer, ActionA.
But the energycosts are not directly my concern;
safety is of more importance for me.
(when powered off, nothing can be hacked!)

It wouldn’t have been powering off before, or it would never be possible to start it again without pulling the plug.

You will not get hacked if you don’t port forward anything

Hi Sam,
I do not port-forwarding anything.
Now I’m comfortable.


PS: believe it or not: after the 5feb upgrade the pi did shutdown when I
powered-off my tv; the pi rebooted when i turned on my tv.
(when i had first picture on my tv, i could see the last seconds of the
bootscreen with the osmc-logo :slight_smile: )
I did not change any setting for this. Possibly coincidence?

 Many respect for your work!

Unfortunately that is simply not, nor has ever been, possible by cec. Unless you were powering by a USB port on the TV, which is highly problematic on it’s own anyway.

Hi ActionA,

You must know, I’m a beginner.
I can’t give a deep technical explanation for what I saw.
But it’s true. Perhaps the pi wasn’t completely powered-off?
(sleepmode or so; I don’t know.)
The lights of my network-connection (pi) didn’t blink anymore when
powered-off. I saw the last secs of the bootscreen when my tv
got picture after power-on.
I really thought it was a normal thing.
That’s why I ask the forum now to help me to bring this back.
I had also other strange behavior.
I remember: once I removed my powersupply from the wall-socket,
my pi did’nt shutdown (!?). It only powered off when I also removed my network and hdmi-connector.
(not sure which cable was responsible for the shutdown, or both?). Happened around the same period.

question: - about the powering-on of the pi: I couldn’t imagine it could be something else
than CEC responsable for this (see title of my question)
- is it possible the pi could be powered from another cable? (hdmi or network)

my hardware: tv = Philips pfl6404; router = linksys ea6400; power supply pi = Original 2.5A

Don’t ask me what’s normal or not. I have not enough knowledge to explain it.

Thank you for your time, ActionA.

None of these things are possible

If you remove the power, it will power down.
If you power down the Pi(halt), it must be replugged in at the socket.

Sam, ActionA and all who read this:

I think I found the reason for the mystery my pi went his own life.
Months ago I experimented with a USB-cable from TV to my pi.
By checking my equipment (it’s a mass of cables behind there) I see
I never did away this cable. Simply forgotten ()
It’s very good possible by removing / replacing the pi I took the wrong
powercable & this could be the reason the pi didn’t power-off when
removing the adapter from the wall-socket.
Could even be the reason why my pi booted up when powering on my tv.
No doubt, it has to be the reason.
So now you see: a lesson for me and a tip for everyone with a question:
read / check and double-check before posting!

a real sorry from me to the moderators & the lost of time they could use better.
I promise: a drink for Sam & ActionA when I ever see them in real life. :wink:

No problem! Was just a simple matter of what you were describing was outside of the realm of possibility :wink:

Yes this will be the reason, but NEVER ever plug that cable back into the Pi! Your TV cannot provide enough power to run the Pi properly and shutting it down from the TV like that will eventually corrupt and possibly permanently damage your SD card.

If you must ever switch it off, then select the power-off option in Kodi and then unplug it from the wall. If you do this though, always switch the TV on and to the Pi’s input BEFORE powering on your Pi otherwise you may be left with a blank screen (just another reason not to switch it off!)

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Thanks for the advice. From now, the usb-cable is gone & I leave the pi on 24/24.
Sam said there’s no risk for hacking, as long as I do not forward a port.