CEC Stopped working on Raspberry Pi3


I’m the happy owner of a RPI3 with OSMC installed. Yesterday I rebooted OSMC through SSH and suddenly my CEC is not working anymore. I have a Samsung F9005 and have never had problems with OSMC regarding CEC but now it doesn’t work even if it detects my Samsung remote and the CEC is connected in Kodi. The only thing I did was to reboot OSMC through ssh…

I’ve checked settings on my Tv and (Anynet+) CEC is enabled…
I’ve tried different HDMI ports, no luck
I’ve tried 3 different HDMI cables, no luck
I’ve tried to do a clean install after flashing the MicroSD card, no luck
I’ve tried to install OpenELEC instead of OSMC, no luck

I’m a bit afraid that PIN #13 on my RPI3 is ‘dead’, as another person has experienced here:

Any ideas?

Turn off pi. Unplug the TV from the wall for 5 minutes. Turn the TV on and allow it to complete it’s boot, set it to the appropriate input for the pi, start the pi.