CEC unreliable on Vero

Replaced my old RPi with raspbmc with Vero in the living room.

Panasonic Viera TV

Connected to

Denon X4000

Chromecast, Vero, Motorola 1003 IP-TV box

Vero is always on, but the rest goes into standby over night.

Sometimes, especially if having used Chromecast with Netflix, CEC doesn’t work the next day.

Today arrow buttons and back button worked, but not play/pause, so CEC wasn’t killed alltogether.

Resolution is to reboot the Vero.

This is a real no-show for my wife…

Any ideas on how to make CEC more robust as it was on raspbmc?

I’m not using Vero too much, but even in my short experience with it I had several issues with CEC, when it was not working. Just no any reaction to TV remote, had to use the one from Vero itself.
My setup is Samsung TV + Denon receiver. Never exprienced any CEC problems with RPi.
Due to this and some other issues I still using RPi.

We will have some CEC improvements with Kodi Isengard which is not far off


Does something happen after updates are available?

I have the Vero set to download updates and show the overlay that they are available. When this happens CEC usually has stopped working. Works again after updates installed (at least if the update uses dpkg and exits kodi)