CEC with TCL TV remote not working

Connected my raspberry pi to my TCL TV today. Working with my logitech Keyboard everything’s fine. But I can’t get the TCLs TV’s remote control to work with my Raspberry + OSMC. Pressing keys on the remote doesn’t get forwarded to OSMC.

Here’s the logs:

  • Raspberry is connected to HDMI 1 . That’s the right port which can be seen in OSMC CEC settings as well. CEC is enabled in OSMC
  • In TCLs “T-Link” menu I can see my OSMC device named “Kodi”
  • HDMI cable should be fine. I had the same setup running with a Samsung TV + Samsung remote without any problems (even though it’s a fresh OSMC install)
  • Tried to switch off TV + Raspberry for a minute . But no success so far.

Any suggestions?


CEC only works on the HDMI port closest to the power input with a stock config…