Certain .strm files not loading on Vero

I’m having an issue that I think is specific to OSMC / Vero

When I try to play BBC radio streams that I have added to my music library as .strm files, nothing plays. I once get a “Playback failed” dialog for one of the streams, but since then I just see the ‘working’ message, then it stops ‘working’ without loading anything.

Example streams as follows:

All the links work fine in my web browser, and the .strm files I have made from them work fine on Kodi running on my laptop – that’s what’s making me think it’s an OSMC/Vero thing.

Weirdly Heart FM.strm works on Vero and on my laptop. (http://media-ice.musicradio.com/HeartLondonMP3.m3u)

Can anybody help me figure this out? I’ve been pondering over it for a while now. Am I missing something obvious?! I don’t understand how the exact same file can work on one platform and not on another…

I didn’t know which logs to include so have uploaded everything here

Let me know if you need any more info.

I’ve just tried those on my Vero/OSMC installation - they all work, but the Heart is ‘noisy’ and hesitant.
I do have a problem with the context for getting these links to run - but this is my stupidity.
Comparing with my kodi.log, I don’t get the ‘failed to create demuxer’, or any messages about ffmpeg.
Perhaps there is something to do with the other stuff you have loaded.

I have checked the log and think it might be another plugin, ‘Genesis’ that could be causing issues. Can you disable any addons you have and see if you still have issues?



Thanks for looking Sam.

I can confirm that I’m still having this problem after disabling all addons.
I simulated the problem again after rebooting the system:
NB this time it did throw up a “playback failed” dialog.

(edit: i have disabled, haven’t uninstalled…)