Change Default View

Hello Guys ,
I wanted to change the Default View of a Skin (Bello 7 and Bello Nero) on my Vero4k+ to Thumbnail.
The Default code is “50” Wich equals list
Thumbnail is “560”

I opened the MyVideoNav.xml with an Editor and
changed the row to start with 560 and set defaultcontrol to 560 too.
But it still shows every addon in list view (50)

What am I doing wrong , need I to change something else ?

I already asked on but I didn’t get an answer.
So I hope someone would be so kind to help me.

If it’s not the right place to ask, I’ll delete this post of course

Respectfully, it’s not. We frequently try to be helpful to subjects a bit wider than just the OS but skinning is a very specific thing and, outside of issues pertaining to the OSMC skin, the Kodi forum or the skins github page is the appropriate place to elicit help.

ty than this can be closed))

Your approach is correct in principle, but most skins also assign views based on content types. How to deal with that depends on the very skin you’re trying to adjust. Best ask in the corresponding thread of your skin over at the Kodi forum. The skins featured via the Kodi repo normally do have a dedicated skin thread there.