Change Favourites presentation to wall instead list

Unfortunately I didn’t succeed to create a library with my (French) children cartoons :frowning:
This is a too long task to renaming folder and file into a standard recognizable for scraping. If someone has succeeded he can please let me know:)
So I have no choice to use the Vero 4K + as a simple file browser it’s too bad.
I simply created a favorite of the folder where the cartoons are located.

With the default skin, is there a way to have the presentation of the videos in my favorites in wall presentation and not as a list please ?

See screenshots please OSMC Favourites Tall instead List - Album on Imgur, so it’s the last one I’d like to have the wall presentation instead of a list like that my child can see a visual wall cartoons instead name cartoons list.

Have you tried any of these tools for bulk renaming:

Not yet. But even it works it’s a pretty damn work I think… :slight_smile:
But I will try, do you have one to advice ?

I’ve used ember media media manager a lot.

Ok thanks, I will try this one.

Just to have well understood the naming convention (pretty same naming convention like TVShows), if I have a cartoons name “Boris”, I must have a folder name with “Boris” then if I have several seasons I must create folders name “Season 1” “Season 2” etc (btw can I create the folder name in french “Saison 1” ?) then in each season folders, name each episodes like Boris_s01e01_A_la_plage.mkv ?

This should help:

Yes I already take some information there. Thank you.
While waiting to find time to rename the files I’m looking to have Favourites to wall presentation.