Change Hard Drive Name


I’ve upgraded Vero 4k Hard Drive from 1TB 2.5 to a 4TB 2.5 Hard Drive, powered from a hub.

I cloned the old drive to make things simple, everything has worked fine, but the original Drive was named “1TB external”

Is there an easy way to change my new drive name to something like “4TB external” without messing up my scanned library? I.E. “My Movies and Music are now stored on this Drive, don’t rescan anything, just change the location”

Have looked on Vero & Kodi forums, but not found anything, any help in the right direction would be great.

Or just an answer saying you cant do that easily .

Thanks, Phil

What is the filesystem on the drive?

Depending on how the drive is formatted and whether it’s detected on your PC – renaming under Windows will probably be the easiest option.


I can rename it on Windows easy enough, but then my films and music aren’t available on the Vero.
If I change it back again, then they are available again.

Maybe I didn’t make this clear enough in my post.

Regards Phil

It is still not totally clear. Normally if you change the name/label of the drive that determines where the drive is mounted under OSMC.

So if you change it to “4TB” it would be automounted under /mnt/4TB.

Where and how it is shown in Kodi (the GUI of OSMC) could then be influenced by how you added the source.

So if you want to have the new drive to show up as 4TB then change the label have it automounted and add it as a new source.

For your library you then have to either rescrape it or use path substitution.

Thanks fzinken, definitely don’t want to rescape it.
Path substitution sounds what I’m after,

How do I do this?

Or maybe I should be asking where the path is located in Kodi, that I need to change?

If you need more detailed hitns uplaod logs via MyOSMC Log Uploader for us to check your setup

Please see [HowTo] Repairing File Paths with Path Substitution for details.

Since it is not entirely clear what all has been done with your sources and library let me just offer this. Fresh install you add a source called “moviesource” at path /mnt/x/movies/ and set a scraper on “moviesource” to movies and TMDB. You then update the library which stores an absolute path for all the media in that path. An entry for movie.mkv is stored in the database as something like /mnt/x/movies/moviename/movie.mkv and no longer has anything to do with the source. If /mnt/x/ changes to /mnt/y/ then everything from that path will no longer work in your library. It is at this point you have two choices. The preferred option is to change /mnt/y/ back to /mnt/x/ and then everything is golden again. The second viable option is to do a path substitution such that when Kodi goes looking for /mnt/x/ it automatically redirects to use /mnt/y/ instead. Again everything is golden (as long as another mnt/x/ doesn’t show up and leave you scratching your head on why it doesn’t work :grin: )

Normally where people get into trouble is when they change an existing source to match the path that changed. In this example if you update “moviesource” to point to /mnt/y/ then update your library now you have two entries for movie, with one of them working and the other not, because they are stored according to what file path is set in the source when it was scraped. At this point people commonly do all kinds of things to try to fix the mess that is left over. If you can understand the above, and know what you did, you may be able to find a path to back yourself out.

And if you want an easy way to see what file path is being referenced for any given library item just bring up an information window and highlight the “refresh” option. I think most skins will show the file path at that point.

Hi, Thanks for previous reply’s, sorry If I didn’t explain myself very well…

I think the solution to my question is that I need to edit my database file with SQlite?

Basically, ~I upgraded my hard drive from 1TB to 4TB, by cloning it, which worked fine.

I just wanted to rename the new Hard drive without rescanning or messing about with my library at all.

So changing where Kodi thinks all my Movies and stuff are stored, without all the rigmarole of rescanning everything.

I’ve downloaded SQlite and had a play with an old backup copy of a DB file named :

:\Kodi Back up 16_08_20\userdata\Database\MyVideos116.db

( I would have to edit my db files for Music and TV shows as well)

Ive attached a couple of pictures to show what I was thinking of doing, I haven’t written these changes yet (not that brave!).

Just wanted to try and explain what I was after, and if this change would work or have any unexpected consequences?

I’m half tempted to just leave it as it is, but I also connect the hard drive to my PC. (Don’t what to edit the wrong drive by mistake)

Obviously, My Hard drive is called “1TB external” at the moment, and would change it to “4TB Segate Red” to match the database changes.

Regards Phil

Either rename your new drive to match the old name or do a path substitution to redirect from /media/1TB external/ to /media/4TB Seagate Red/ and call it job done. Instructions on how to implement a path substitution are spelled out in great detail in the how-to that is linked to above.