Change iterface highlight color


I’ve just moved my Raspberry Pi (1B) from Raspbmc to the current OSMC version (2015.10) and have big trouble seeing what interface element is currently highlighted in the new OSMC theme. The base color (white) and the highlight color for the currently selected option (something like ivory?) can often not be told apart on my screen.

Is there any way to change the highlighting color in the settings? I couldn’t find anything in this forum or the settings themselves apart from the font used.

Thanks in advance.

Anything on this? I can barely tell when a menu item is selected. The easy fix for this would be to allow the user to select the highlight color.


Hey guys, did you find out if this is editable? It really hurts my eyes and makes selecting the correct items very difficult in my opinion!

Hi Guys,

it’s very hard for me to see as well, i would like to change the highlighted colour too! Is there really no way?
Taking this thread, because it exists, so no need to create a new one for vero4k! :wink:


Try if this still works with the new skin.

Hi @fzinken,

Appreciate that, thx for answering! :wink: