Change of message text when checking for updates in MyOSMC

When manually checking for software updates in MyOSMC, could we have a change in the text of the pop-up messages, so that it doesn’t say “Downloading update” or “Starting download” unless there is actually an update available and it’s downloading it?


We are downloading a list of available updates though (via APT), so there is always something to download.

What would you expect instead? Something like checking for updates?


I think “checking for updates” would make more sense. I know technically you are downloading something, but what you’re really downloading is a list, and often that list doesn’t generate any updates. So if you’re paying attention to the messages, you wonder why OMSC downloaded updates and then told you there were no updates to download.


Okay, sounds good.

Can you suggest which strings you’d like to change?

The full strings are here: OSMC/My OSMC Updates — English (United Kingdom) (en_gb) @ Weblate


Yeah, that would be fine. As @pkscout says, at the moment it literally tells you “Downloading update” and then later tells you that there are no updates to download! “Checking for updates” makes much more sense; if it actually finds some, then it can talk about downloading them.

I’ll see if I can find the appropriate strings tomorrow when I’m a bit more awake. :slightly_smiling_face:



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Apparently I can’t. :slightly_frowning_face: Like I said, the two important ones are “Downloading Update” and “Starting Download”, but I wasn’t able to find either of those strings when searching. :thinking: Maybe I haven’t figured out how to search properly…