Change order of shutdown menu

In 99.9% I want to shut down my Raspberry. Can I change the order of entries in the shutsown menu (after I press Ctrl+s), so the Shutdown will be on the first position.

If I accidental press Return on first entry, my GUI freeze and I’m only can shutdown with a SSH connection - or power off :(.

A hang on exit is usually caused by buggy/misbehaving addons, so you might want to try to troubleshoot that first.

Thanks! I clean out my addons and now it works with a reboot.

But there is now answer to the question, if it is possible to reorder this menu, so that the “shutdown” entry is at the first position. Or is it possible to set the shutdown to a shortcut like Ctrl+F12?

You can change the main menu ordering in Settings → Appearance → customize main menu (or something like that, I am just going from memory here)

I don’t use a keyboard myself, but this website says the “S” key is the shutdown shortcut.