Change pad video folders


I’ve had some trouble selecting a static IP for my movie location and it has changed. How can I adjust the existing folder so that it refers to the new location?


May I bump this a little, have not yet found a solution! My router does not allow for static ip’s…

Well I guess you have to give a bit more details how you access that movie location (e.g. samba share)?
If you can not have a static IP for that movie location than your best bet is to use a host name instead of an IP address. If you also don’t have control of your DNS server then using a manual host entry that you update respectively after IP address change.
Your only other options (more complicated from my point of view) is to use either path substitution or manually do a “search and replace” in the database.

Thnx. I didn’t get samba to work in combination with a macbook pro so therefore I went for NFS.
Using a host name would be something new for me, but since the router I currently own does not allow static ip’s I suppose that hostnames are out as well.

But as I understand there is no easy way to adjust the ip so that everything magically works again. I was hoping that a simple fix of the nfs connection would do the trick…

What router? It may be called something like “IP Address Reservation”. If you can’t set static IP’s in the router then surely you can do so on the device itself.

Yeah, what router? You can always assign an IP address outside the pool range. For example if you set the router dhcp server to assign IP addresses between and you can use thru 99 as static IP addresses by setting then in the device. Your router may not assign IP by mac address but you can still use static IPs

I have a Huawei HG655D, supplied by the isp and it seems some functionality has been removed. Didn’t know about the outside pool possibility, I’ll be trying that. But in any case it will mean that I have to add the library again and lose some info like what’s new/played etc. or do a search and replace in the database.