Change Remote Repeat Behavior

I’d like to change the behavior how the remote that comes with the Vero 4K works.

It accelerates too fast and to a too high maximum when you hold down a key (e.g. scrolling though a movie list). I guess I need to put something in /etc/lirc? Or a lircd.conf in /osmc/home?

I just have zero clue about that and quick read up on LIRC just made it more confusing for me. So some hints would be nice.

Strange. Some people reported the remote as actually being too slow, hence why we started this thread: [TESTING] Remote repeat filter changes.

When did you purchase the Vero 4K? Is it up to date?


Bought in September 2017, latest updated installed of course. UI sound disabled.

My issue is if I hold the button. Then key repetition starts and it accelerates. I just want to to turn the acceleration down here / reduce the max rate at which it repeats.

Basically I want to do some customization here to what feels right for me. But don’t know where and how. So I need some pointers where to look…

Just some fine tuning on my end. I have long movie lists, so I need to hold the button often for a few seconds and by then it is so fast that I skipped like 100 movies already :slight_smile:

Using the CEC remote from my Samsung TV is ok, it doesn’t accelerate, just a delay and then repeat (a tad slow, but I rarely use the remote anyway ans it is rubbery and has no real tactile feedback and bad layout).

On that note for future models: The Vero 4K remote could be a tad less clickier and and the buttons a tad less stiff, more like the Amazon Fire TV remotes. Though like the bigger buttons on the Vero one. And some improvements on the the battery cover, it bulged a bit forward here because as a result of the design…

Just for clarity I think we are talking about scrolling down a long list of media whilst holding the down/up key?
The acceleration is exponential so shortish bursts are needed to maintain control as the top speed is very fast.

Yes, just holding down the key.

You can use the side buttons to partially scroll.

Most people like the clickiness, it makes it clear a button has been pressed.

The cover should be reasonably flush. Of course it has to protrude very slightly to comply with the new IATA battery regulations 2017.

Sure, there are always workarounds. Can always use a different remote as well. :slight_smile:

But how and where do I adjust this behavior? Not looking for a different usage case here.Not afraid to touch code if needed to customize it to my needs and that would include the firmware on the remote itself if that what it takes.

This extreme non linear acceleration is really annoying if you need to scroll for several seconds anyway. I just want to get rid of it and customize it too what I think is right (even if others might disagree).

More notes on the remote:

Well, the cover is not really flush at all. It really protrudes on one side more than 1mm. The other side is fine. The thingy below the battery pushes too hard. It pushes the cover on that side of the remote away as there is nothing that holds it there. A simple design change would help here. As said, need to look into doing some mod to fix that. It’s your run of the mill QA issues that might happen now and then.

Not a real biggie though - need to modify it a bit so that thing on one side below the battery exercises less force. Right now it pushes harder than the cover can handle.

The clickiness itself is ok. Though the sounds is too loud (or too high pitched, I might muffle it a bit by putting some dampening material in the remote) and the buttons require a tad too much force in my opinion. I find the Fire TV remote here to have a better balance in this regards, however the bigger buttons on the Vero one are nicer and feel a bit better. Just some room for improvement here for future versions maybe. Just fine tuning. Just keep a mental note. As said nothing major…

See this:

Are we talking about the same thing? This is an OSMC Remote from Week 30.

Unfortunately after the whole Samsung debacle, IATA regulations got very tough with batteries, particularly contained in equipment. The remote has been adjusted slightly to comply with the new rules. It must be able to withstand a 1M drop without the battery becoming exposed.

If it’s any more protruding than this, try reseating the battery.


This may help you

A bit reluctant to change the remote design as it sells well, and AVForums seemed to like it quite a lot. We would need a lot of feedback before we would consider making substantial changes to the remote.

Way more protruding on one side. Your picture, I would call flush…

Re-seating the battery does not make a difference. It’s the thingy below one side of the battery that exercises too much force for the battery cover. Guess I need to grab pliers and swish it down somewhat so it doesn’t push up so strong/so far anymore. Have not checked out how to disassemble the remote yet to fix that without damaging it on the sides where the two halves probably just snap together (don’t have these plastic thingies…)

As you can see, one side is just like in your picture, whereas on the other side it’s way bigger (about 1mm, see height of buttons for reference).

And thanks for the link to the code. That is exactly what I was looking for! :+1:

Remote Design? Yeah, no biggie. Always room for improvement. Just provinding some feedback now after using it for 2.5 months.

Check your battery. I checked with an old battery and it also made it protrude. Perhaps the battery is slightly swollen?

If you close the remote lid without a battery in it, is it flush?

Please let me know how you get on with eventlircd. Happy to provide pointers. As you can tell from my testing post, I’m not completely happy with current behaviour either. Fortunately as it’s software, we can improve things easily with future updates.


My battery cover also protrudes slightly on that side (about 1mm).
I am not concerned as the remote itself works great.
Cover is flush without a battery.

Battery’s not swollen. It came with the Vero if I am not mistaken. Tried another one, same deal. And as CR2032 it is 3.2mm thick. It’s not a user error, I am totally able to put a battery in… :sunglasses:

But it’s not a biggie. Remote works fine. Just one of the small things…

If I close the battery cover without the battery it is flush like in your picture, one side a tad higher though, but that was not the case initially. Happened because of the pressure since 2.5 months.

Edit: Tried a CR2025 I found in my desk drawer. Thinner and just 165 mAh instead of 225mAh. Naturally is a tad too thin. But putting a piece of folded paper under it does the trick. The one side still portrudes a bit more, but nothing dramatic like before - more in line with your picture and basically same deal as without a battery. Looks like it was manufactured with an imaginary CR2028 or so in mind.

Yeah get it, more pressure for “new” regulations without any real redesign for a better cover that also holds on the sides, you know like the covers that really need to slide in place or have more than just on notch. Yeah, cheapo Chinese stuff, I know the drill. But have seen far worse remotes that came with devices I wouldn’t even touch.

Always guess I run with CR2025s and a piece of paper then from now on and fiddle a bit with the inside to have more of a dampened sound.

Regarding eventlircd:

Yeah, seems pretty straight forward, just a few lines with some hardcoded values… I probably change it and add a repeat-filter-cfg or some command line parameters here to tweak it so I can adjust it easily.

Need to think what makes sense to have an initial delay before repeating, then the initial repeat speed, maximum repeat speeds in case it should accelerate further and make it linear or exponential. Maybe better to point it at some file for easier user configuration. Might look at it next weekend or the weekend afterwards.

I’ll let you know when I made the changes, so you can take a look at them.

Anyway, thanks for the great support. As always worth the extra surcharge on the Vero 4K, which is still the best small footprint device for media playback I ever owned.

Indeed. I remember this well from a Vero4K review. Money quote:

The remote is among the very best we’ve used with such a device with its rubberised buttons providing a very satisfying amount of ‘clicky’ feedback.

Well it is with like keyboards. Some people just use rubber domes and are happy even comparing them how much better one is compared to another, even though in fact they are all crap. Some use mechanical keyboards that have an horrible sounds and feel because of cheap keycaps but are praising their mechanical ones, and some people go the extra mile for the right feel and sound on mechanical keyboards. As said compared to the usual rubbery remotes or what often comes with small devices this is a good one.

Just the sounds is a tad to loud/clicky and the buttons require a tad too much force and maybe a tad too much of a sticky feel. Basically: if feels just a tad too cheap all in all, even though it’s good remote. Always room for fine tuning. Nothing is perfect. And not saying you should go for a rubbery remote.

Anway, got my portruding battery sorted with a CR2025 and some paper and know where too look in the source. So happy camper :slight_smile:

In the end, it’s clearly down to personal preference. Some people just rave over those full-travel, clicky old IBM keyboards. I personally hate them. As for the Vero’s remote, I’m agnostic: I use the TV remote (which, incidentally, is horrible but convenient).

I never understood the love for the old IBM keyboards, had them. Sure good keyboards that hold forever but not very satisfying to type on. Used such keyboards for most of the time during the 80s and early 90s. Nah, would never use them again (still have two of them in good condition).

Strangely I am very fond of Siemens STB switches, which sound and feel a bit like sticker MX browns. Always had a thing for these keyboards. Maybe nostalgia…

I type usually on MX switches, though they key chattering that comes with age is annoying, and right now trying out some Topre switches for the first time (not really sold yet on them after a month). Though in the end the key caps matter most. Need to find a a decent non ANSI set, have really crappy ones on this keyboard right now.

However, no mechanical keyboard lasted longer than 3 years for me. And rubberdomes, well not even close too that.

But meh, Desktop Rubber Domes, always hated them. Though the stabilized ones (pantograph switches) on high end notebook keyboards (like on the MacBook) are perfectly fine to type on for what they are.

I refuse to start reminiscing about the old Thinkpad keyboards. No siree! :wink:


I am in the same dilemma. What works for some will not work for others and it is quite tricky to gauge this. Maybe we should patch things so it can become a My OSMC setting. Repeat filter is already configurable for CEC in Kodi.

I wouldn’t call it cheapo Chinese stuff.

The lid was changed with the regulations. We were well aware of when the regulations would come in to play. So we simply updated the remote for the 2017 batch. There was no swapping or mixing of bits and bobs. We’re not going to cheap out on a premium product and have it come back to bite us.

If this was the case, then we’d get a lot more complaints about this. See pictures on OSMC RF Remote Control : ID 3092 : $25.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

You are more than welcome to send it back and I would be happy to take a look at it and send you a model I’m happy with.

We did have a problem with the battery latch in March - April. This only affected a small number of remotes and we resolved the problem promptly with future batches (and issued replacements where necessary).

For the battery to sit flush, it should actually be slightly raised. I think sometimes people push it completely down but this will have the opposite effect.

When you insert the battery it will hug the left corners but not the right corners. Close the lid and it should be flush.

Tried to attach a photo, but it’s not easy to show.

Please don’t open the remote or mess with it if you want it replaced. I certainly don’t want you to feel like you’ve received something in any way bodged or cheap. Let’s put it right.