Change remote without a remote!


Is it possible to change the remote to a MCE RC6 type without a keyboard or network? On a Pi.



You could, possibly, do it with a mouse (might depend on the skin, as it can be a bit hair-trigger with some)

Or by using Kore or Yatse (mobile apps that control Kodi via wifi)

I am in a caravan. It is a fresh install. No mouse or local network.

I can tether it to my cell phone and connect to the internet but I can’t see the Pi from the tethered phone using Kore or from a laptop tethered to the same phone. Don’t know the Pi’s IP address either to try pinging.

Is there a file I can edit if I put the SD card in a Win10 laptop that defines the remote?

Depending on the phone you’re using if you go into the tethering settings you should be able to see a list of all connected devices to find the IP, then use Kore to control it.

For putting the SD in a computer it can be done easily on a Linux computer just replacing the default lirc config file (which I have done multiple times) but for Windows you would need access to the ext4 partition which I believe is possible with extra software, I just have no experience since I have used Linux exclusively for about 18 years.