Change Static IP or set to DHCP?

Hello all… I am still running 4 old ATV 1’s as “jukeboxes” in my home… still at version 2015.12-4. They simply play music all day and run visualizations, that’s it. I’m having a problem changing the Static IP and Default Gateway. I went to the MyOSMC/network screen and attempted to change there but it just reverts back to the old IP when I hit Apply. It won’t respond when I try to switch to DHCP, nothing happens. I can disable the network adapter from that screen but, that’s the only thing that works.

Is there another way to change IP info? Please give me idiot instructions as I am not well versed in Linux commands. I have Putty, know how to connect to the ATV and enter commands, I just need them spelled out for my dumbass. Thanks, I know this is old tech, appreciate anyone that has the time to help me out.


I think My OSMC in this version would be very old and might have some issues.
You would be better off using connmanctl – there is a lot of documentation online to make these changes.