Change the skin manually

Hey there.
A idea I got using OSMC on the Pi: Allowing to change the skin to any other skin (like the default confluence or another) would be helpful at some points. I like the OSMC Skin, but I really don’t like that I don’t have the chance to choose my own skin. Every Skin has it’s pro’s and con’s

Nothing is stopping you from changing the skin… Settings>Appearance>Skin

Confluence is already included.

But when I change it, after 2 or 3 seconds, it changes back to the OSMC skin. Even if I say I want to keep this skin. So it’s a bug?

“Do you want to keep this skin”
Yes ; No

Choose yes.

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For goodness sake :open_mouth:
I forgot that!
Delete this thread :smiley:

Nopes and quote for tehlulz

anyway, is it also possible to change it via ssh?