Change username and password


How can I change the standard username and password from the OSMC?

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Log into the Raspberry Pi with user osmc and password osmc and type the following: (using PuTTY SSH Client)


The passwd command allows you to change your password.

Changing the standard username you need to edit the /etc/hostname file

sudo nano /etc/hostname

and change the standard username (using the arrow keys)
edit the /etc/hosts file.

 sudo nano /etc/hosts

to check the file

cat /etc/hosts

If everything is correct and complete reboot your pi

sudo reboot
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But hostname is different from the username ? Or am I seeing that wrong.

Hostname and username are two different things.

Warning: some OSMC services rely on the ‘osmc’ user to run and you may get some weird results if you change the usename


Ok thanks, than I will only change my password.

I can think of a number of services that will fail if you try to rename the osmc user - including Kodi itself.

So definitely do not rename the osmc user. Changing the password is fine, and creating another user account for a special purpose should be ok too. (But not really necessary)

am i reading something wrong??
you says “standard username” in both lines?!!!??

what for changing/add the/a hostname
and what for change/add the/a username?

Terrific… and yet none of it works.

username: osmc
password: osmc

So I change the password with the passwd command and STILL I can login with

username: osmc
password: osmc

So I change the username to my name and STILL I can login with

username: osmc
password: osmc

Nothing, nothing, nothing makes any difference. Does anyone have any idea how to do something that actually does what it’s supposed to do?

Well if passwd doesn’t change your password it indicates that you somehow ended up with a readonly Filesystem

You don’t name which device you’re using, but this is an indicator of a faulty or fake SD card

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I wrote the osmc image to the sdcard using osmc-win-installer.exe so the card is writable. I’ve also been able to install addons for kodi. (Raspi zero with 16GB sdcard)

I’m SSH’ing in with PuTTy, but the login never changes after the passwd command etc…