Changed internet provider & WiFi password - partial answer

I changed my internet provider, and their new router refused to let me set up the WiFi password as the same as I had before.

I always change the SSID and passwords on my routers, so I stand out clearly amongst all the “standard” providers’ idea of what their SSID should be, etc.

Anyway, I could not get OSMC to let me give it the new password. I may have been too impatient with it. How long does it hover on “configuring”, when the WiFi is patently rejecting the password?

Anyway, with some digging, I eventually discovered that the settings were held down in “/var/lib/connman”. I thought I could just edit the files there, as I could see the old passwords. That didn’t work, even after reboot. I didn’t want to delete all of the stuff there, as I also have a mobile WiFi router, which I wanted to preserve the settings for.

I eventually deleted the subdirectory for the WiFi I needed to change the password in. That worked.

My question is: “Why is there not a simpler way of informing OSMC of a changed password?”

I’m happy to accept a PR for this.
There should be a forget network option.

I forgot to mention, when the “configuring” message comes on, you can’t do anything else. I initially unplugged the 4K, which I don’t like doing. If there was a timeout, it was too long. Just being able to “forget” the network fairly immediately is really all that’s needed.

For a plain “consumer” customer, telling them they need to ssh to the OSMC, login as osmc, cd to /var/lib/… I won’t go on. :slight_smile:

If you know ahead of time your going to change your wifi password you can click on the ssid and choose the option to “disconnect and forget” and this issue will not occur. If you let it time out a few times it should eventually take the new passcode (annoying, took around five minutes, but it worked when I tested it).

Alternatively one can ssh in and run this command to forget all previously setup wireless networks…
sudo rm -r /var/lib/connman/wifi*

As I said, maybe I was impatient. I see no reason why it should have to “time out” at all, and certainly not “a few times”.
Also, as I said, I specifically did not want “to forget all previously setup wireless networks”.
Finally, as I also said, if OSMC is to be of use to the general public, “sudo rm -r /var/lib/connman/wifi*” is totally inappropriate.
(I speak as a person who has been a programmer all his life.)

Oh, and I forgot, as I also suggested, I did not know ahead of time that I was going to be forced to change my WiFi password. That was my new internet provider, who came out with yet another bizarre set of pointless rules for what characters they would permit, exclude (or in this case, insist on) in a password.