Changed language

hello, i’ve accedently change the language and now can"t find my way around the menu to set it back. (all the menu become boxes). is there a way to change the setting back to english using the console or guide with pictures?

thanks for the help

I’ve found the language setting, apperantly becuase i changed the language using addon the system still set to English.

i need to know how to disable lates addon

Not 100% sure what you mean.
The language you can fix in the file .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml you find locale.language

In terms of your addon to disable you would need to do that in the addon.db which would be a bit tricky to explain. You may just delete it under .kodi/addons

Are you sure you found the correct language setting? There is a keyboard language setting in system but the one your looking for is here…

Randomly mapping the menu and by memoriy found the add-ons menu. Luckly the add-ons themselfs were english so i found the one i acctivated and deleted it.

More luck than brain i guess, thank you guys for the answers!