Changelog display

Everyone sees this periodically of course:

Maybe I’m weird but I would love to know what is new when there’s an update. Bug fixes are what they are but I would love to know when there is some new functionality added. It would be cool if there was a link or something right on this screen that you could click on that said “what’s new?“

Just a thought.

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You can see a list of changes at for any update.

If you are using test builds – then you can see updates on those test threads. This seems to be the case in your instance.

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Additionally, please refrain from uploading photos to the forum instead of simply describing easily conveyed concepts. It unnecessarily increases the storage and resources burden on the forum.

Thanks Sam. That changelog you linked to shows about 4 updates since February. I have gotten this screen to update probably 4 times in the same number of weeks.

I’m guessing they are just small Linux updates as opposed to anything new with OSMC but it sounds like the “feature related” stuff would be in the formal changelog.

I guess I was just thinking it would be cool (and maybe useful) to just have an optional pop up or something listing what the updates/changes are right on the screen within the OSMC interface when this happens. again for mundane, Linux updates this is likely irrelevant but for most people I’m guessing they would have no idea if anything functional changed without manually going to a computer and looking on the website rather than just clicking on it while they’re doing the update in front of their TV.

Like I said, it was just a thought.

My apologies. My intent was only to present exactly what I was seeing which is probably easier than trying to explain it in text.

If I delete the image now will it free that space back up?

We are all here quite familiar with the screen to prompt for updates. I’m not sure how explaining that could be difficult?

Making a habit of posting photos is the true point at issue. A single pic is not going to break the bank. It’s the cumulative effect that will become a problem when users use pics for simple, well known concepts or out of laziness, say instead of simply typing a log link, they post a pic of it.

Thanks for understanding.

There haven’t been any stable updates released since June.

From your post history it is clear that you are using experimental builds which have their own change logs made clearly available in the test threads. This is why you are receiving update prompts.

You should stick to stable builds if you want a regular and documented update cycle on the blog. Although with that said, we are documenting 4.9 builds in detail in the thread.