Changing Default View

I was just wondering if anyone out there knew how to change the default view from List to Wide without having to go and change it manually for every single menu?

That’s a Kodi specific question.

You might get an answer here, but perhaps asking over at the Kodi forums would get a better/faster response.

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Try edit MyVideoNav.xml
sudo nano /usr/share/xbmc/addons/skin.confluence/720p/MyVideoNav.xml
This path is correct for raspberry and OSMC with Confluence skin

If you find in this file line like this:
where numbers represent views priority according this

50= List

You can edit this line:
or another up to you.

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I see, that is very helpful.

I’m presuming this will still apply and work with the standard skin?

Which standard skin you mean?
I think the Confluence is still standard Kodi skin.
For another skin is necessary change the path and find correct directory with file MyVideoNav.xml


Maybe here it is explained better:

Here is list of another files for adjustment in other part of Kodi (pictures, music, pvr, etc)

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Apolagies…by the standard skin,I meant not ‘confluence’ but the other one!The minimal Arial Font New Skin which is the second option when you install.

For osmc skin is valid path with end