Changing / improving OSMC skin

have to say i was a little disappointed to see this is still running a RC of 18.2, is a final coming soon?

does anyone have a modified OSMC skin?

Modified in what way?

Changed background picture, changed the widget for PVR, tried changeing the color theme to but didn’t like it alot

Actually, there’s no difference to Kodi’s 18.2 release. OSMC 2019.04-1 was made from the same code that Kodi labelled 18.2 less than 24 hours later.

more customizations, movie view to show media flags

Then why the RC1 label?

Because Kodi was labelling it that way when we pulled the code. You will see an update quite soon but it will be OSMC tweaks and maybe some hand-picked from what Kodi have been doing since 18.2.

You will always get the best OSMC can offer, don’t worry.

thank you for the responce,

ability to add media flags like this:

i use tiny media manager to catalog my collection and files are named like so:

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)_Atmos.UHD Blu-ray.HDR.mkv

the skin i was using on the nvidia shield tv was Estuary Modv2

but it slows the vero down ALOT

Try Aeon Nox: SiLVO. It runs smooth on mine.

@spl147 Rest assured we always ship the latest stable version of Kodi.

is there a place to request skin enhancements?

can you make the plot clickable so it pops up bigger so it’s easier to read?

Under which window?
On the OSMC skin you can press the i button for more details.

Some photos might help


osmc skin, movie info screen

this is a different skin but this is what i mean:

Thoughts @chillbo?


Have thought about this approach, a few skins are using. But it wouldn’t really fit to how plot texts are shown all over the skin. Some of them cannot be made clickable at all, so not sure it would be a good idea to change the behaviour of one of the texts.

But you could check out the skin settings of our skin and change the plot font size under advanced. That way any issues regarding visibility should be solvable. The text will scroll and should give you the ability to read the whole plot text.

Re media flags… We’re following a minimalistic approach for our skin which also means: no image based media flags, but text. Most of the flags visible in your screenshot are shown by our skin in text as well in the bottom left corner. :+1:t2: See here for more information: The OSMC Skin

making the text clickable for certian views only would be a good approach.

if you don’t want to incorperate in the production skin. could you show me where to change it on my end?

also reguarding media flags, i understand the minimalistic approach, again could you show me where to change it on my end to include more info?

so i copied the from /usr/share/kodi/addons to /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/skin.osmc-mod

changed owner and group to osmc

made a few changes to the skin

edited the addon.xml

rebooted, but it does not show up in the list of skins to choose from

Did you change the skin ID in the XML and enable the add-on?

You have to create a zip file with the folder skin.osmc-mod inside and install it via the addon browser. Just copying it to the user addons folder won’t do the trick.

The info dialog we’re talking about here is to be found in the DialogVideoInfo.xml file.

The media flags are managed via includes and variables. The include you’ll be looking for is to be found in the Includes.xml files from line 702-821 and the variables used in that include are located in the Variables.xml file - just search for the variable name you’re looking for in that file.

If you come up with something nice, do let me know. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m always open to improving things.

enabling it did the trick! thank you