Changing my Raspberry Access Point wifi channel


I use an external wifi adapter based on RT5572, I disabled onboard wifi into the config.txt.
I can easily change the channel on the wlan0 with “iw” command to get 5ghz band, no problem.

Now, when i enable the tethering (ethernet to wifi) to have an access point, it always reverts to channel 1 and 2.4 ghz.
It seems that, there is a pre-configured option that always put channel 1, even if your channel was say 40, or 155 whatever before to enable tethering.

So, my access point can’t use the 5ghz band.

Do you know why ? Does somebody already faced this issue ?

Thanks for your help

I think that tethering is limited to 2.4Ghz currently.


Oh i see, so it’s stucked to 2.4Ghz but also to channel 1. Too bad.

Where does this limitation come from exactly ?

This is probably a ConnMan limitation.
You could use hostapd – but this is not something we plan to support.

I understand. For this, do I have to uninstall ConnMan ?

I don’t think this would be necessary

Alright, thanks, i will give it a try