Changing PVR service what am I doing wrong?

I have a HD Homerun Connect device, when I set up my Vero 4K I selected the HD Homerun PVR service as I had no plans to use it for recording and it was easy to set up.
However recently I updated the HD Homerun software and its made the whole thing a complete mess, this made me decide to change to using NextPVR as I already have that running on my server PC for my recordings.
I have disabled the HD Homerun service (I don’t get an option to uninstall it), but get an error message that NextPVR cannot be installed when I try to enable that.
I’ve tried powering off, rebooting and everything I can think of that would reset things after disabling the HD Homerun service but nothing works to enable me to use NextPVR.

I think I must be doing something wrong because I also get this problem on a Windows 10 HTPC in a different room when I try to get NextPVR working,
no doubt I’m being very thick but I’d welcome advice on what I’m doing wrong.

Moderation: Moved to General as the issue does not seem to be a specifically OSMC issue if also present on Win10. You may find more relevant and/or timely support for such an issue on Kodi forums at Kodi Community Forum - OS independent / Other