Changing resolution on movie played

Hi there,

I want them to play movies in the TV’s native resolution but can’t find a setting for that. Can you help me out on this?
My TV has a native resolution of 1360x768. While OSMC boots into this resolution, and live TV also runs with this resolution, video files from my NAS play in their native resolution (1980x1080).


Try pressing z during playback to get different zoom levels

Thanks, but I’m not sure adjusting the zoom levels will solve my issue. I’m looking for a setting that tells Kodi (or OSMC) to play the file in a certain resolution.

Are parts of the video not visible or what is the problem?
If you see the video completely on the screen (probably letterboxed) then they are already downscaled to your screens resolution.

The video is entirely visible (ratio is fine). My “problem” is that my TV plays it in its native resolution (e.g. 1080p). I want the video to be played in the TV’s native resolution (my TV is capable of 1080p though). Background:

  1. I can’t get Bluray Remuxes to play properly on the Pi3b (sound runs smoothly, but video is jerky). I want to try playing the movies at a lower resolution to see if this has any influence.
  2. I am interested in how to set a particular resolution for video. For now, I have no idea why Live Tv is shown in the TV’s native resolution but MKV’s aren’t.

The videos are encoded in this resolution. Kodi will not reencode them on the fly to a lower resolution. (This wouldn’t even be possible in realtime on a pi and would only introduce more overhead) The gpu will decode them at their native resolution and then downscale them.

The only way to do what you want is to reencode them to the native resolution of your tv and then play them with osmc.

It will not make any speed difference if they are played on a 1080p or 720p tv.

Edit: Try to play with the screen refreshrate options in the kodi options.
If blurayrips are jerky I guess your tv doesn’t support native 24fps refreshrate.
To see if this is the case try to use “adjust refresh rate to match video”

You could also provide mediainfo output of the files here to check if they are too high bitrate or if they are encoded in vc1 you might want to buy the hw codec license.

Thank you for the quick response, clears up some things.

The TV supports 24fps refresh rate. The jerkyness occurs on Remuxes (very high bitrate), not on LiveTV or BluRay encodes. So maybe the Pi is to slow for them? I wanted to check the media info (I understand that hitting “o” while playing the video should bring up a OSD with informations, but it doesn’t?!), can you give me a hint please?
I also thought of buying the codec licences but I’m not sure if they will help…

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Our wiki contains detailed steps for providing the relevant info we need to help you.

Provide debug enabled logs demonstrating an attempt to play a problematic file, and mediainfo output on a problematic file.

Thanks all. I bought the VC1 and MPEG2 licenses and all tested Remuxes run flawlessly now.