Changing the OSMC Remote Keys?


I want to change the Rewind and Forward Keys on the OSMC remote to Skip forward rep. backward.

I found this file


so I think changing


To KEY_WHATEVER (I don’t know the right names atm, and don’t know where to look at) should do the trick evtl. restart the lircd deamon.

Or are there any other suggestions or thinks I have to do?


If you want to customise your osmc lirc config file, copy it to /home/osmc first and edit that version, then choose that custom version in remotes. That way you will not lose your changes during updates.

BTW you do realise that during video playback, left and right act as a small skip and up and down act as a large skip ? There’s not really any need to change the fast forward and rewind buttons to skip buttons as well.

love this addon, makes binding keys easy as

No I don’t know, I’m fine works for me like it just the right quantity of buttons