Changing the way a video file's length is displayed?

When I’m scrolling through my videos it shows a poster with the video and audio properties bellow and on the third line it shows the length of the video in minutes.
It drives me crazy that it says something like “104 minutes” instead of “1 hour 44 minutes”.
Is there a way to change that?

There’s no simple way of doing this, but you’d have to dig into the skin files for this. I could add this to the list of requests - a skin option to adjust the time format. :+1:t2:

Moved to Feature Requests.

Not really the same but what I really like about how osmc/kodi displays movie duration is that it tells you at what time the movie will be over ( if you watch it without pausing ) once you open it in the player. That’s very very very helpful

Is this a request or just a statement? :slightly_smiling_face:
Because our skin also shows the finish time of the playback in the progress bar.

Statement ! I never used any other then the osmc skin


I love the finish time as well, very handy for late night movie watching.
BUT… it would still be nice to see an h:m format within the skin.
Hope it becomes an option in the next release.
I only use the default OSMC skin.

I notice that all my movies have been displaying in the h:m format now by default.
Dug in to the settings and noticed there is an option to toggle now.

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Ah, sry… Forgot to post about it here. Normally, I bookmark requests to easily be able to get back to them on the forum. Must’ve missed this one.

I’ve added a toggle to the skin settings to switch between minutes and hours+minutes format for video files in our June update :+1:t2: