Channel switching to multi-digit channel numbers

I successfully set up osmc on a raspberry 3 and am using it for Live TV connected to an external vdr. It is working just fine. But there are two issues that are important for me to increase the WAF:

  1. How to quickly switch to some channel with a multi-digit channel number? I would like to press two times “1” rapidly to switch to channel 11. But osmc will always switch to channel 1. Since I’m still experimenting I also have an installation of libreelec and there this channel switching works as desired, so it is apparently possible :slight_smile: . But I do have other issues with libreelec (eg. pressing the power button will not show me the shutdown menu but will immediately power down), so currently osmc looks much more interesting to me. Also not having to fiddle around with squashfs and the readonly root is a big plus for me, as I’m quite familiar with Linux.

  2. Is there a way to display the detailed EPG information of the currently running show with a single keypress (and being able to switch back to live TV with the same keypress would also be desireable)? So far my humble experiments with the keymap editor were not really that successfull :frowning:

If you can say which remote you are using, someone with the same model may be able to help.

On the OSMC remote, the ‘i’ button does what you want for (2).

I’m using the MCE remote . As said, it works as desired when using libreelec. The “i” button from keyboard corresponds to the “info” button on that remote. Yes, it will display the title of the running show, but when going through the guide menus, you can get much more detailed information and I would like to get this information with a single keypress.

On my devices (using TVheadend and on UK Freeview), ‘i’ on the keyboard and ‘i’ on the OSMC remote give me the same information as I get from the guide.
Maybe you could have a poke in LE’s remote.xml to see what the difference might be. Edit: maybe I misread you. Remote.xml won’t solve (1).

This is caused by OSMC’s eventlircd repeat filter.
Some people have remarked that it’s too slow; but it exists to prevent double presses and sporadic behaviour.

We had some comments about this regarding the OSMC Remote as well. I plan to produce a test build with an adjusted repeat filter; as well as advise how to disable the filter entirely. Then we can compare across a few remotes and see if there can be improvements.

Some testing is now available here: [TESTING] Remote repeat filter changes

Cool, I just found the information regarding eventlircd and wanted to try exactly this :slight_smile: Unfortunately it does not make a difference for me. Even when disabling the filter completely I still cannot enter two-digit channel numbers. I can confirm that this depends on the remote. Just plugged in a USB keyboard and there it works as desired. If you want me to look up anything from my libreelec installation (which I have only because osmc is not yet available for PCs), just tell me…

Since I just had a regular keyboard plugged in, I just tested pressing “i”. And it is behaving just as I expected. Maybe I did not phrase my question good enough: If I press OK to enter the menu and then select EPG and press OK again, I get a list of all the channels. After pressing OK once more I get detailed information about the currently running show (where I can also choose to record and other things). This is the information I would like to get with a single keypress. Maybe you can tell me the name of the respective window, so I could try to bind it to the (currently unused) START button of my remote in the custom keyboard.xml

That Hama / Ortek remote has always been a pain. I remember us having to hack around it to get it to work.

I have one in the loft somewhere so will try and find it. IIRC now, we don’t use eventlircd for this remote.


I can imagine. Remotes always have been a pain. More than a decade ago I tried to get some DIY receiver to work and also had lots of problems regarding repeated keypresses. At some point I just modified the irc daemon code and implemented my own filter. It was a hack but worked fine for many years :slight_smile:

Great, I really appreciate your efforts! I did not look into this sort of code for many years and all my knowledge is more or less obsolete meanwhile (today was my first contact with eventlircd). And from a user’s POV this particular remote is really great.

No more fiddling possible today. The system is now in production use by the consumer (aka wife).

Looks like it could be pvrguideinfo.

The problem with Hama remote is it sends multiple codes for a single button press.
There was a daemon that was written to clean up this issue; but it didn’t work well on ARM and wasn’t properly maintained.

Yes I know about the multiple code issue. But this is true only for certain buttons. Regular ones like the number buttons should work just fine. I will be travelling a lot in the next two weeks so cannot do that much testing. But when I return I will look what I can steal from libreelec. Need to read some more documentation anyway; there are so many layers of indirection for using remotes meanwhile…

Thanks! Meanwhile I found this list so I can play around. I also found the EPG search function not working when run from this window I’m interested in so I need to take a closer look anyway. Needs to wait some days unfortunately.


Sorry for the delay in reply here.

This is the patch we currently have included since August 2015:

It’s possible that this wants updating or changing. I believe it was @Dilligaf who provided this originally, so he may be able to advise.


Looking at the mapping there are several keys mapped to info (star, close, record), unfortunately the info key on that remote is hard wired to a mouse click if I remember correctly. The reason for multiple info keys was for the individual to map the extra keys to his needs and I used info as a placeholder. I think LE eliminated the mouse function but am not sure.

+	<global>
+		<keyboard>>
+			<f14>VolumeDown</f14>
+			<f13>Mute</f13>
+			<numpadtimes>Info</numpadtimes>  <!--star key -->
+			<numpadfive mod="alt">ContextMenu</numpadfive>  <!--hash key -->
+			<return mod="alt">XBMC.ActivateWindow(Home)</return>  <!--Start key -->
+			<f4 mod="alt">Info</f4>  <!--close key -->
+			<r mod="ctrl">Info</r>   <!--record key -->			
+		</keyboard>
+	</global>	

The problem is not button repeats. If I press buttons “1” and “2” quickly on libreelec, it will switch to channel 12. If I do the same under osmc, it will switch to channel 2. Meanwhile I replaced my raspberry by a vero 4k and see the same behaviour (I do not use the official vero remote as it is too minimalistic for me; when watching live TV, I want number buttons and be able to change volume without navigating menus).

Overall, the vero 4k currently is the least unstable platform for me. I reported in another thread that I’m seeing kodi crashes on four different devices running three different operating systems.

Nobody said it is a “repeat button” issue. It is actually the opposite, it is the “repeat filter” of OSMC which is “eating” the second button press which normally is configured to avoid “repeat button”

I do not understand that… Where does “repeat” come into play at all here? As soon as I press a number button, there is a window waiting for consecutive button press. But on osmc the first button press gets handled immediately which disables the possibility to switch to some channel bigger than 9. On libreelec it works as expected. I will have a closer look what libreelec does differently.

Well from your initial post I understand it in the way that you quickly press “1” twice to change to channel 11 but OSMC switches to channel 1. The reason for that from my view is that the second press of “1” is filtered out by the repeat filter implemented in OSMC.