Checked logs - An addon stopped working

Hello everyone,
I have run into some sort of an issue with the addon I am using the most. It is called It is a subscription based addon and I do have an active account for this service. And I am also able to access the service in a web browser on a PC. The addon used to work for over 1 year now without any issues until two days ago when it just stopped playing any of the streams. I looked for some kind of solutions far and wide and I did look through the log files as well but to no avail thus far. I see where it attempts to open the stream but then it fails. I simply do not understand what could have changed so that it would suddenly stop working like that.
This is the link to the log files:
Any help would be much appreciated.
Apologies if this is not the right place for this post.

For queries about addons you are much better served by the Kodi forum or by contacting the add-on developer directly.

The issue is that seem to have changed where their content is (the content URL redirects to their home page) and the add-on developer has not updated the app yet.

Thank you very much for the fast reply and giving me some directions on how to go forward. Will keep trying to figure this one out.