has anyone been able to implement chiaki (~thestr4ng3r/chiaki - sourcehut git) with osmc?

Please forgive my search skills if i’ve missed it; couldn’t find any discussion here on the topic, though some elsewhere suggest at least partial success on other rpi platforms might be possible (see Feature request: RPi compatibility · Issue #126 · thestr4ng3r/chiaki · GitHub, GitHub - charliebanks/chiaki at feature/RPi-Effort and Compile Chiaki and add as a custom port to RetroPie –

I’m relatively new to the community here, having just setup a pi 3 for a family member as a gift over the holidays – this was the one request missing from the desired feature list that has yet to be accomplished. Its been a while since i’ve spent any serious time working on linux, and i’ll have to get a second pi to test with first, but hoping to eventually adapt some of the above-linked work to osmc… just wondering if any osmc-specific efforts have begun? Thanks!

What is it?

it is self-described as a “Free and Open Source PlayStation Remote Play Client”

fam would like to access the ps4 from the garage when they hang out there sometimes… currently I’ve given them a workaround via launching out of kodi for osmc steam link, and then from pc steam host-installed ps4 client software to ps4… overly complicated for their tastes, and essentially ties up all their entertainment gear on one task (pi, pc, and ps4 each serve as local entertainment center in different parts of the house)

Anyway i’ve run chiaki on windows and can confirm at least there it works well enough for playstation remote play in casual games – would be maybe a killer feature for osmc gamers

I think this is probably best merged in to Kodi or left outside of OSMC.


Think it can be installed along side osmc kinda like retrosmc