@chillbo Question re OSMC skin setting

Hi Forum, hi chillbo,

I am a long-time user of the Transparency! skin for Kodi. I like the way this skin shows fanart, but unfortunately the author will not update his skin for Kodi 19 version.

So, I make myself familiar with the original OSMC skin and I start to like it. As I am working though the different settings, I have one question regarding the background opacity.

There are four options to set the background opacity to: low, med, high, highest. Even when I set the background opacity to low, the fanart is still not clearly visible, it still looks foggy.

Is there a possibility to adjust the background opacity to none in order to have a clear fanart?


Glad you’re liking our skin!

Using the custom colour settings below the settings you’ve tried you can achieve this. The first two values of the eight digit colour hex values are responsible for the alpha or opacity channel.
We’ve not allowed this via default opacity settings as visibility can be very poor with bright fanart. Thus it’s only possible via custom settings…

Thank you @Chillbo for your fast response. I could manage the issue following your hint.

I can see clearly now… .