Choosing audio Output

Merry Christmas!
When I want to select audio source in my Vero 4k+ OSMC I get two choices for the USB DAC

AMB zeta1 USB-I2S Audio-Widge8 (Analog)
AMB zeta1 USB-I2S Audio-Widge8 (SPDI/F)

What is the difference between them? I obviously use USB to connect my DAC to the VERO 4k+ and this has confused me a long time. Or is it just the same when I use USB out and the difference is that it pipes the audio to Vero’s SPDI/F, vs analogue output if I would use them?

If it’s ok I add a second question: if not, let m,e know and I can start a second thread:

  1. What is the best setup of kodi for 2 channel audio when using an external USB DAC?
    1a) is there any way to lock the volume output so that it is not affected by the VERO’s remotes volume control or the KODI remote app on iPhone?


I think you are mixing two things up here:

  1. Choosing the USB DAC as output would redirect the output there and not the built-in Vero SPDIF/Analog out.
  2. The two entries shown should by choosing the respective give the audio output to either the SPDIF or Analog out of your USB DAC.

Generally for any passthrough format the volume changes would not apply. For everything else you would need to remap the remote button to avoid them changing the volume and for remote app you would need to hack the json call. Or write a script that permanently set the volume to 100%

Thank you, yes I definitely had it mixed up, I have taken the DAC question on to the development forum (it’s a DIY community development)

I have been looking around for ways to remap the remotes (web and VEROS) but didn’t manage to find a clear resources online?

Two different topics, for the Vero it goes through the “remote” key mapping and you can see some hints here:

For the Webremote it usees the JSon Framework which would be harder to influence

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Thank you, I think that as long as I can remap VERO’s remote it will be ok since I am the only one that uses the iPhone/web remote and I always use the volume of the amplifier for volume adjustments…


This will knock out the buttons so they do nothing. If you find a Kodi action you want to use them for just put it in place of the “noop”.


Thank you, this worked like a charm!

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