Choppy video under Krypton that was fine before upgrade?

I’ve just installed the update to Krypton on a Vero 2, and noticed that video that was smooth before is quite choppy now. This is with Adjust Display Refresh Rate turned on.

The test media file I’m using is a constant 23.976 fps AVC MKV (with DTS audio).

The TV reports that it has been switched to 24Hz (the same as it did prior to the update)

Turning Adjust Display Refresh Rate off and setting the UI to 60Hz improves things so it’s not so choppy, but it’s still a little jittery (like it was prior to the update with these settings)

Can someone check if Adjust Display Refresh Rate has been broken in some way, or if there is a bug with playing video at 24Hz?

There shouldn’t be issues with 24Hz playback (I’m doing so right now) on a Vero 2.
If this issue persists across a few files, I’d need a debug log, MediaInfo and a small sample that reproduces the problem so I can investigate.


Here is the debug info uploaded from Vero2:
Here is the mediainfo for the small sample:
The sample file is 84MB - do you need be to upload that somewhere for you?

If it was just choppy video I would have investigated further with different files, different settings and so on, but this is the file I use for testing so I know for a fact that it was smooth under the same settings on Jarvis. Immediately after upgrading to Krypton the first thing I did was test, and noticed the problem.

I noticed the same thing on vero2 with playback of both 720 and 1080p files encoded in h.264 and h.265.
After turning Adjust Display Refresh Rate off it definetly got better but it shouldn’t be necessary right?
I wonder if there’s a disadvantage in doing so.
In Kodi Jarvis imo playback of h.265 encoded videos was even better/faster than h.264 encoded ones. Well despite of the 10bit encoded videos…
I can’t say the same in Kodi Krypton :frowning:
Should I maybe change some TV settings?

Also for such playback issues, what sort of infos do you guys want despite of the logs? And how can I provide them easily? I know there’s a button to display additional info to the currently played video file… but this info is a bit confusing for a noob like me :smiley:

[quote=“trohn_javolta, post:4, topic:22160, full:true”]After turning Adjust Display Refresh Rate off it definetly got better but it shouldn’t be necessary right?
I wonder if there’s a disadvantage in doing so.[/quote]
The reason I turned Adjust Display Refresh Rate on in the first place is because playing 24fps video at 60Hz refresh rate is noticeably ‘off’ in terms of movement. When the camera pans, or there is other smooth movement it is definitely not quite right. I wouldn’t describe it as actually choppy though, like it is under Krypton at 24Hz (and wasn’t under Jarvis at 24Hz)

If it isn’t possible to resolve this properly, the next best option might be to try setting the interface to 50Hz and turning off Adjust Refresh Rate - playing 24fps under 50Hz should theoretically be less wrong than under 60Hz, when I get a chance I’ll watch something for a while and see how it feels.

The experimental Improved video clock seems to fix the issue for me.

Argh, today’s hotfix has broken it again! Back to very choppy video :frowning:

I’m going back to the Improved video clock test fix version. That one still works fine.

Thx for the info…
It’s strange though…doesn’t this new update/hotfix include exactly said video clock fix?

That’s what I thought too, but clearly something else must have changed between the test fix and the hotfix.

Try updating again. Should all be resolved now.


Can confirm, I’ve updated again, and it’s back to being smooth. Thanks.

thx again, now I’ll update too :slight_smile: