Choppy video

As reported, I have just tried to migrate from Raspbmc to OSMC and I get choppy video with OSMC for at least one file that plays fine in Raspbmc.

Tested 3 scenarios:

  • an MPEG2 (of London Spy recorded by TvHeadEnd) - unwatchably choppy
    (displays as SD, MPEG2, 16:9, 2.0, MPEG2)
  • an MKV that I was given - works fine
    (displays as SD, AAC, 16:9, 2.0, H.264)
  • iPlayer WWW - unwatchably choppy
    (displays as AAC, 2.0, H.264)

When I turned on debug, the CPU was showing as 100% most of the time.
Debug logs uploaded to

A bit more information: I was running Raspbmc on a Pi 1 Model B, using an 8GB card. I wrote OSMC to a 4GB card to try it out. I’ve also tried OSMC on a Pi 1 Model B+ (on a separate micro-sd card) and got the same choppy video issue for my TvHeadEnd recording.

16:48:40 18.879284 T:3024896560 NOTICE: ARM mem: 368MB GPU mem: 144MB MPG2:0 WVC1:0
It appears you have failed to install an MPEG2 codec key?

Thanks - that fixes choppy playback of TvHeadend recordings. No real improvement with iPlayer WWW but that may be due to my dodgy copper broadband.