Chorus Stream

I can’t seem to get Chorus/Chorus2 to stream my videos. I have tried multiple browsers and both vlc/html5.

It opens up the HTML 5 player but loads permanently.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Additional Information:

  • Media is mounted on a ntfs usb drive
  • PC I am trying to stream runs windows 10
  • Doesn’t even allow me to download the movie
  • Both Chorus and Chorus2 failed to work for me
  • The remote control aspect works fine.

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You should be seeking chorus support from its developers for a more timely and specific resolution to your issues.

Thought it might have something to do with a compatibility issue between Chronus and OSMC as no-one has mentioned this sort of issue on their forums.

Actually, chorus advises that all types of media are not able to be streamed by using their add-on. The types of files that work are very limited.

I suggest providing them with a debug log demonstrating the failure is probably your best course of action.

For anyone who stumbles upon this page. Its an issue with how OSMC OS handles external devices rather than Chorus. OpenELEC has the same problem.

Here is a workaround:

OSMC is set up to dynamically provision attached medium and mount it at /media. The above steps involve creating a symbolic link, which is not a good workaround. There is no guarantee that disk will be available at boot (either due to it not being attached; the label being renamed; or it being powered down).

I will investigate the issue and a proper solution


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Thanks Sam!

Here is a thread on Github where the discuss the issue at length.

Hope this helps