ChromaSubsampling Change

I have 2 Vero4K+.
One is connected to a native 4K display and with the Kodi desktop set to 1929x1080p it passes 4K videos to the display at 4K
The other Vero4K is connected to an Epson 4K pixel shift display, and according to it’s EDID, it supports all the 4K formats. However, with the desktop set to 1920x1080p@60Hz (always defaults to this upon boot) it will not pass 4K videos to the display. It downscales 4K videos to 1920x1080p.
If I change the desktop to 3840x2160@60Hz, it does pass the 4K videos to the display with no change to the ChromaSubsampling.
I could add the 4K formats to the Whitelist, and let Kodi upscale the 2K videos, but here is where it gets weird.
Switching to 3840x2160@23.976Hz in Kodi changes the ChromaSubsampling from 4:2:0 to 4:4:4.
Is this normal?

Kodi won’t upscale anything unless you set the desktop to 4k. It will choose the best resolution from the whitelist which is equal to or lower than the source resolution.

Yes. HDMI does not permit 4:2:0 at 24Hz.

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