Chrome Launcher - chrome not found


I try to install a netflix plugin/ I have try 2 different one: Netflixbmc and another. But both didn’t work . I suspect that the cause is the Chrome Launcher. If I understand correctly, those plugins need a browser to retreive the video. So I have installed Chrome Launcher. But now when I go directly in the chrome launcher, I have the message “Chrome Not found”.
How can I fix it? As alternative how could I install chrome in another way or another browser?
Btw: I didn’t have install something else than the laucher, do I also need to install chrome? If yes: how?


Check this thread, but it will not solve your problem as you will not be able to run chrome as part of Kodi as no X11 will be running at this time.

I installed following your commands. how do I start Chromium now and browse the web? (am on OSMC/KOdi)

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Check your programs folder for x11 launcher

Only shows a black screen And mouse Then gets stuck. Any suggestions?

I had same issue with blank screen.

Try changing the sleep command in from 30 to 45. Think is located in osmc home directory.

Restart pi then launch x11 from programs menu again. You will know its working if you see a white underscore in top left of black screen after launching. Wait to underscore disappears then desktop should appear.

that did the trick - THX for your help.
Any tips on how I can autostart the web browser with a certain website open?

go into chromium settings

look for heading says on startup

click on third option which says open a specific page then enter the url of whatever homepage you like

hope that helps

Sorry, I meant to say: open a certain website in full screen when I start the raspberry.

If you want to do that the usage of OSMC (which is designed to run Kodi) might not be the best approach and raspbian would bring you faster to that goal.

I downloaded the install script, started it with and without sudo. but did not run
error: command not found when launching with sudo

any hint?

You have to follow the instructions in this thread

But important that will only give you a Dektop environment and Browser that you can run instead of Kodi you wil not be able to run a browser within Kodi.

@riker1 If you got more problems with the installer, post in the thread fzinken mentioned, and i’ll try to help you get it running.

thanks. will do so