Chrome - Remote Desktop. Would it work?

After Teamviewer became a bit stricter on the ‘personal use’ free use thing I needed to explore options for my wife’s business … i tried the free google chrome remote desktop (via Chrome browser to W10 box) and it’s awesome. I saw a note about how to install on debian and i was wondering if this would work on OSMC with Kodi … bc is puts the ‘desktop’ in a browser it would be great as it won’t need VNC client etc. Cheers, Geoff.

I haven’t tried it, but theoretically it should work as long as you got chrome(ium) running. Which means closing mediacenter. IE you could use it, but to run it, you have to use the chromium that comes with the desktop addon, which shuts down mediacenter (kodi). So you wouldn’t be remoting the mediacenter, but the “desktop of Xwindows”.

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