Chromium with Netflix support on OSMC

Since a few week people proceeded to get Chromium with Netflix working on Raspbian:

Would it somehow be possible to integrate this in OSMC? Would be great!

Waste of time if these reports are true…

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They are. :wink:


Indeed. I’ve been watching kodi-agile and I’m looking forward to getting some test builds with this working.



This should open the door to Amazon Prime video too, no?

It worked before but they changed encryption.
I think it just needs a new addon and someone willing to play the game of cat and mouse. I believe there’s an addon that works again.

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Yes. Already working.

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Sweet! I may be jumping on Vero4k beta soonish then! :slight_smile:

Is this the referenced Amazon Video add-on?

Possibly. That is a repo with a version in. The source comes from [url=]here[/ulr].

But, the add-on will do you no good without a specific kodi and inputstream.adaptive build (from agile trees).

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Awesome answer @popcornmix. Many thanks!