Cinema Experience on RC2 on Pi2


I just wanted to check if anyone had success with using cinema experience with RC2 (on a Pi2). Seems like the skin has support for it (based on looking at but even if I have the addon installed, I never see the “cinema” button show up.

I tried looking through the filesystem to locate where the skin is stored but had no luck finding that out as well. Does anyone have any ideas on where the skins could be on the filesystem?

I really like the default OSMC skin so I would hate to change it to something else just for cinema experience but it would just be really awesome to have the whole “cinema experience” as well :smile:

Any information would be helpful! Thanks in advance.

PS. Many thanks to the OSMC team. RC2 is absolutely great.

Just wanted to add that cinema experience is an addon:

I can confirm it works with the one downloaded from add ons and the release of OSMC on my Pi2. Will test on my older Pi tomorrow.

Glad it’s working for you. I had installed it and it didn’t work, then it seized my whole system when I tried to uninstall. Thought it would be great with all the extra power of Pi2, but gave up after that epic fail.