"Clean Library" searching for non-existent server even after the corresponding source is removed

I’m currently unable to perform a “Clean Library”. When I try, it insists on looking for a server which no longer exists, despite the fact that I long ago deleted the corresponding Kodi source; and it hangs indefinitely, waiting for a response from the non-existent server.

Is there any way I can remove references to that server from the DB so it doesn’t try to look for it when cleaning?

(I’m not using MySQL or anything fancy).

This sounds like what happened to me. I had been experimenting with a temporary server with one video and I couldn’t ever get rid of its link. After lots of searching it seems the answer is to start all over again and build a new library.
On the plus side it’s a useful reminder to make sure to make sure your filenames and NFOs are good.

I have not tried this one yet but it’s probably worth a shot…


Ah, that fixes the problem very nicely. Cheers, DD.

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