Cleaning library erased all files

it happened when I have asked to clean my SÉRIES library since I have found a weird série called “Selana” located outside the folder and which does not exist. I never had that serie in the list.
The process has removed all existing files.
So I had to restore them this night from a backup.

All the files has been restored to the original folder on the NAS, but when I click on the menu SÉRIES I Know have one Selena folder with 396 episodes and the first episode launch in the alphabetical order the 1st episode of the 1st serie.

Since 4 or 5 years this is the 1st time this kind of issue happens. A bug?

PS: another issue. Since the last OSMC update I can’t browse to my LAN (Windows WORKGROUP)

Cleaning the library is a function of Kodi interacting with a database. Absolutely nothing to do with the files themselves. Simply running a clean had exactly zero possibility to delete any actual files on your nas. Additionally, anytime you actually do prompt Kodi to delete a file, and you have enabled that function explicitly for manipulating files via the file manager, the user is still prompted for human acknowledgment before ever removing anything.

Why would you not immediately capture logs if you thought this was what happened?

I’d suggest you continue to investigate, because what you are speculating is simply not a possibility.

No prompt this time.
And, sorry, it happened. The folder has been emptied.

Sorry, but unless proven with logs, I’ll have to beg to differ. There have been claims of Kodi autonomously deleting a user’s media files from time to time and there has never been a diagnostic confirmation on this forum that Kodi had caused a removal of files that was not acknowledged by a human. Additional to that, if it had in fact occurred the you have described, that would be a Kodi issue, and not OSMC, so it should be reported there.

You have been a user here for several years and, by your post history, you are no stranger to logs and proper diagnostics. I’m a bit taken aback that you would make such a claim without even investigating the so called “tale of the tape.”


Do you have TMM (TinyMediaManager)? As @ActionA said Kodi cannot delete files when doing a database clean. (It can sometimes do strange things in the database making it appear that files were deleted, but they still are on disk, untouched).

On the other hand, TMM can delete files.

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Just to add to TMM. My experience with TMM is, that deletion of files can done by TMM (i choose a option to clear but that meant to be delete actualy, so that ended with missing files. But then i did encounter that a “.deletedByTMM” subfolder was created :slight_smile: in which i found the missing files. (in my case it was in the Series folder created, next to all other folders. So if @Sventovit did use TMM he might find the files back.

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I do not have TinyMediaManager.
I have uploaded the journal here.

Hopefully I had a backup of the files and was able to restore them but I’m afraid it happens again.

In regards to it showing up as Selena….You need to check your setup settings for that series. I had something marked in the settings that made Kodi think the entire tv library I set up was a single show, and it tried to match everything to Selena when it would scan. Some shows looked like it imported correctly but they really were not. Check library settings for that entry and I bet you have something checked you shouldn’t. I had to blow my series away, clean, and put it back in correctly. Oh, it was “Selected Folder contains a single TV Show”…uncheck that.

It was that. But I still don’t get why the files has been swipped.