Clicking sound on Videos while auto framerate adaptation active

When I activate the automatic framerate adaptation on video playback (setting is under System - Player - Videos), everytime a Video is started or stopped, a harsh clicking noise is generated. When I switch this option to Off, the clicking disappears. When I play Music files (MP3, WAV) there is no such problem.
Is this a known issue?

From where?

Indeed a good question.
The audio remains digital in the complete signal chain, until it leaves the DAC inside the amplifier. So the clicking will surely manifest itself after that, however the spike in the signal is likely generated earlier, otherwise it would not vanish if I alter the previously described setting inside OSMC - which in turn lets me assume it is intruduced inside the same. So far my thesis.

EDIT: Keep in mind that it does not occur with audio files. It just came to my mind that it might be caused by some software-to-hardware issue, for instance that the digital video/audio processing chain inside the Pi introduces this. Since I am no programmer, I have no idea if the could be ironed out with OSMC coding.

Haven’t seen reports of this – you could wait for the next update which has some significant changes for Raspberry Pi and see if this is still an issue.

I would test it with another AVR/display combo and see if this is still present.

Thanks Sam, and sorry for being late with my answer.
Yesterday by coincidence I found something like a proof that this is possibly related to the last OSMC update which might have brought this issue in. I assume this because my TV set which I use together with one and the same the Raspberry Pi configuration since years, now shows this issue as well, means when I switch to TV internal loudspeaker playback. That was never the case before.
So I agree - wait and see if a new update fixes this again.

P.S. By the time I am writing this I seem to be at the latest OSMC buid, 2023.01-1