Clone one vero4k into another


I have two vero 4k boxes and, from time to time, I would like to clone one into another to avoid manually bring all configurations to parity

what is the best way to do this?


Use the backup function in the MyOSMC add-on.

Depends on your definition of ‘best’. I have managed to make a clone by copying the entire eMMC and making a custom installation sd card with it. But it takes forever. Much quicker to make a new image and just copy in the kodi settings using OSMC’s backup. You will still have to set things like Network settings and re-install anything you have outsdie of kodi from the App Store or wherever you got them.

Thanks both.

What would the MyOSMC backup contain? All Kodi+Addons configurations but not apt-get’d stuff?

This is exactly what I need

Yes. Everything in .kodi/userdata

Cool. How much trouble should I expect with a cross-version backup/restore?

Never tried it. Safest would be to get both devices on the same version first.

The backup addon works cross platform. I migrated from the shield tv to the vero 4k without any problems… only had to reactivate my custom skin.

Yes, indeed but the question was about versions. His devices are the same.

I think it will also work cross version… backup will notify you if the import has a different version and will ask you if you want to continue anyway… and from what I remember that just worked fine.

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