I have just ordered 5 vero 4k units. 3 are replacing acer revo units I have been using since 2009 :slight_smile: I always used OE or LE installed to boot from a USB stick and could easily set up a box (mysql server, tweaked advancedsetting.xml, remote.xml, skins, addons) and clone the USB flash drive using HDD raw copy and it’s been flawless for my needs.

Can I boot from USB with the Vero 4K to replicate this process or does the install need to be on internal storage? If so is there a practice recommended to clone a setup?



First off, thanks for your support. I’m confident you’ll like them :slight_smile:

As OSMC is on the internal storage, you won’t be able to trivially dd a complete backup to the system, but My OSMC has a backup utility that backs up all of the things you have mentioned. It can then be restored on other systems.

Further, everything you’ve mentioned is part of ~/.kodi. You could reliably stop Kodi on the first system after setting up with sudo systemctl stop mediacenter and copy over the directory to each device stopping the Kodi service there too.

You’ll get an email when your order ships. Realistically it won’t be for a couple of days as we have had a larger than expected volume of orders.


That sounds good. When doing file management I usually use WinSCP to log into my setups and copy folders and etc so this should be easy. The commands can be sent using the terminal built into it right? I’m on a windows 10 rig.

I use harmony remotes setup using USB MCE IR receivers-hopefully I can just plug those into the vero 4ks and my existing setup should work without any changes.

I was really bummed when I found the Vero2 online and it was sold out. Very excited to get my hands on these new units Sam!

We stopped selling Vero 2 in early December to ensure that we didn’t disappoint any customers by announcing a new device shortly after.

You can copy everything within WinSCP but ~/.kodi is a hidden folder and I believe you will need to enable a setting to display them.

You can run the command to stop Kodi via Putty, or use a keyboard attached to the device. There’s some information about this on the Wiki here that will help you:

Yep I can browse hidden dirs now and WinSCP’s built in terminal works just like putty.