[CLOSED] How can I get my remote to repeat a little faster?

Turning down the volume, for instance, takes a bit too long unless I tap the button very quickly. I’d rather it just started repeating faster when button is held down.

What sort of remote ? CEC or something else ?

If you’re talking about the delay between first pressing the button until it starts repeating, we reduced that delay some time ago (source code changes in eventlircd) but due to an oversight that change didn’t make it into RC2, so as you say there is quite a long delay at the moment before first repeat. This will be rectified in the next release when that eventlircd change is sent out to users.

This applies for any type of remote that uses lircd - eg pretty much everything except CEC. CEC has it’s own repeat settings in the CEC peripherals settings.

I think I’m using lirc. Thanks for the infos.

When upgrading from RC2 will everything I’ve installed and configured be lost?

No. All versions from RC1 onwards can upgrade to the latest versions.

Nice! Looking forward to it.