[CLOSED] Install drivers for DVB Tuner on Vero 4K

I just went from Pi3 to a recently bought Vero 4K.

I’m re-installing everything.
I’m on the latest stable release of OSMC.

I want to setup my DVB Tuner: AverMedia AVerTV Volar Green HD A835.
When I go inside TVHeadEnd, I can’t find my dongle.

I think that I’m missing drivers. I just found these instructions in that post:

  • Installer les paquet nécessaires à la compilation :

sudo aptitude install libdigest-sha1-perl make gcc git patch patchutils libproc-processtable-perl linux-source linux-headers-uname -r

  • Avec Ubuntu 12.04 libdigest-sha1-perl devient libdigest-sha-perl

sudo aptitude install libdigest-sha-perl make gcc git patch patchutils libproc-processtable-perl linux-source linux-headers-uname -r

  • Télécharger les modules :

git clone git://linuxtv.org/media_build.git
cd media_build

  • Interrompre le processus avec CTRL+C à la fin du téléchargement, lorsque la compilation débute.
  • Compiler et installer les modules :

make allyesconfig
sudo make install
-Enfin télécharger le nouveau firmare :

cd /lib/firmware
sudo wget http://xgazza.altervista.org/Linux/DVB/dvb-usb-af9035-02.fw

Are they compatible with Vero4K and OSMC ?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Don’t know about this specific adapter, but there’s a testing thread for adding support for more adapters


Ok, Sam.

I think I know wich one you are talking about.
By the way, thanks for the Vero and your support.
So far, this seems way much better than Rasp.

See [TESTING] DVB improvements for Vero 4K take 2. Don’t use this if you depend on IR for now.

Ok, thanks.
I’ll close this thread and will continue on this one.